Liliana has explored the depths of her thoughts producing pieces that let her art be lived at the height of its beauty. Liliana’s paintings do not have a concluded character but rather are in a consistent state of change. She explores the abstract language of painting in relation to the abstract language of music that she lets play.

Liliana spent much of the 2000’s traveling in Europe, India, Africa, and the Middle East. Since 2010, she has divided her time between Florence and California. In 2018, after a prolonged absence from the art world due to illness, she decided to return to the United States to expand her influence in the world of American Art.

x Liliana
…… If your paintings had been a musical work, I would have said that you have spared no instruments to orchestrate a symphony with countless voices merged into a single harmony. Different voices and consonants in a personal and original interpretation. Following the various languages ​​risks the same dizziness as a carousel ride. Switching from one vision to another, from one world to another, from one fairy tale to another is disorienting. You don’t have time to settle into one dimension and you’ve already been transported to another. Each work is a different perspective, but all together converge on the run towards the same fire: the representation, in symbol, of the countless facets of existence. A condensate of contemporary art ranging from neo-figurativism to abstractionism, from surrealism to expressionism, from a sort of fragmentism to mystical visions in which nature and history seem to recompose into a whole. A single thread travels the time from Mythology to Technology. And on the same thread many emotions.

Salvatore La Vecchia Italian writer.