Liliana D’ambrosio was born in 1951 in Irpinia, Italy. During early her adolescence, she developed a passion for painting which would extend throughout her life. Inspired by her passion for art, she went on to study at the Art School of Avellino.

After completing her studies in the 1970’s, Liliana moved to Florence. While residing in Florence, she joined the Tuscan Feminist Movement working in the cultural department for the City of Florence and Tuscan Region.

 Since 1981, Liliana has participated in national and international exhibits and competitions, earning awards of excellence at nearly every competition she’s participated in.

 For a long period extending from the late 1980’s to the early years of the 2000’s, she drew on paper with rapidity and acrylic colors worked into her paper using dry and slightly diluted brushes.

During this period she experimented with different mediums, though she continued to create masterpieces using acrylic paint. Liliana’s work began to provoke emotions with the use of diverse colors and linear shapes.

 She explored the depths of her thoughts producing pieces that let her art be lived at the height of its beauty. Liliana’s paintings do not have a concluded character but rather are in a consistent state of change. She explores the abstract language of the character of painting in relation to the language of music.

 Liliana spent much of the 2000’s traveling in Europe, India, Africa, and the Middle East. Since 2010, she has divided her time between Florence and California.

 In 2018, after a prolonged absence from the art world due to illness, she decided to return to the United States to expand her influence in the world of American Art.